Everything You Need to Know About Buying Second Hand Used Cars

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second hand used cars

Are you looking at buying a car?

Many people choose second hand used cars because of the depreciation on the cost. However, before buying second hand used cars there are certain things that you should know. You don’t have to be a car expert to know if there is clear damage to the car.

Does the engine make an unusually loud noise when you start it? Is there any rust and dints on the side of the vehicle?

Most people also know they need to check the service history of the vehicle. This way you can make sure regular maintenance has taken place.

And yet, other problems with the vehicle are not as easy to identify. It’s essential when purchasing second hand used cars that these aspects are also considered.

That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide for everything you need to know about buying second hand used cars.

Go With Someone Who Knows About Cars

Every day in the second hand used cars business, amateurs get taken for a ride and end up paying over the odds for cars. You can avoid this mistake by taking someone you trust to the dealer who knows what they’re talking about.

If there are any problems with the car, they will be able to alert you to this before you hand over any money. Even if you’re an experienced car buyer, an extra pair of eyes won’t hurt.

How does it look?

You should choose a bright day to view the car. This way if they’re any problems with it, you’re more likely to notice.

First of all, make sure the car matches the picture on the advent online or otherwise.

Does it match? Does it show the full condition of the vehicle? Is there a scratch that the dealer didn’t disclose to you?

If you find any immediate problems with the car, no matter how minor, it’s more than reasonable to ask for a discounted rate.

Check the Tires

One of the most common problems with second hand used cars is damage to the main tires.

Once you’ve established that they’re in decent condition, check in the trunk for the spare tire. If it’s not in perfect condition, you’re in your rights to negotiate money off the price since it’ll need replacing.

You also need to make sure the tire changing kit is complete with jack and wrench, and also wheel bolts.

Interior Accessories

After you’ve checked the tires, you need to test some of the interior accessories. This may involve sitting in the driver’s seat to make sure everything is working as it should.

Do the heating and air-conditioning work? Do the radio and stereo work? You don’t want any freezing and quiet car journeys.

Lights and Signals

You should check that all of the light and signals work properly. This may involve asking your friend to stay operate the lights and signals from the driver’s seat while you walk around the car making sure they all work.

Start the Engine

While your buddy is in the car, get them to start the engine. Listen to see it sounds right. And if there’s any black smoke coming from the hood, this is a sign that the engine is burning more oil than it needs.

Check the Locks

The next thing to check is the locks. Check the lock works both remotely and manually.

You also need to look if it works without any problems. Does every door, window, and trunk lock.

Extras and Luxuries

Now you need to check to see if the car has the extra comforts that make driving long distances a pleasure.

Does it have a cup holder? Holding a cup of coffee between your legs while driving is not ideal.

Does the car have a USB port to charge up your smartphone? Does the car have a Wifi connection or built-in Bluetooth? This would allow you to play music in the car.

Take it for a Test Drive

Never buy second hand used cars without taking the car for a test drive first. There are some things to consider before you make the purchase.

Feel the bonnet of the car, if it’s warm then there could be a problem with the engine that the dealer isn’t disclosing to you.

Are there any strange noises? When you’re driving down if it’s not smooth then there could be a problem.

Test out the brakes. Do they feel strong enough to stop the car in an emergency brake?

If the gears are manual, test out to see if the move between gears smoothly.

What’s the power steering like? The wheel shouldn’t move much when the engine isn’t turned on. It should turn smoothly around the corners of the road.

Although you may be limited by your surroundings, you should test out the car on as many diverse roads as possible. This way you can get a good understanding of how the vehicle performs in different contexts.

How to Know Which Second Hand Used Cars Are for You?

Buying second hand used cars is always exciting. While you can save money compared to buying a brand new model, it’s still an expensive purchase.

It’s important to consider whether the car is suitable for your lifestyle. Ask yourself if the car is appropriate for where you live and work?

There may be other considerations, such as accommodating a large family, pets or hobbies.

Buying a second hand used car for sale by owner can further complicate things and be a bit risky. If you want to be sure of what you’re buying, get in touch with us today.

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