Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Used Car

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In an ever-changing economic environment, everyone wants to make the correct financial decisions. Buying a used car is one of those decisions, given that you get all the benefits of owning a high-quality form of transportation at a lower price.However, while buying a used vehicle is a smart choice money-wise, you’ll have to put extra effort into maintaining it to ensure a useful lifespan.

Here at House of Cars, we put together this quick guide to help you maintain your used car and avoid unnecessary repair bills or, worse, giving your used car an early retirement.

Read Your Car Manual Thoroughly

Your car’s manual is all you have to go on when learning about your vehicle’s needs. Reading it is crucial as a vehicle owner, given that it provides key information that can be helpful for maintenance or repairing.

Some cases in which reading the vehicle’s manual can be useful:

  • Fluids: The manual will show a person how to check and replace the fluids. These car fluids can do everything from ensuring the car runs smoothly all the way to help you with visibility.
  • Vehicle issues: Common issues arise on any vehicle. The manual will have information about common problems and fixes.
  • Battery Information: Knowing the battery’s brand and the size needed will help you when it eventually starts to run out.
  • Tire PSI: The manual will help you determine the PSI (pounds per square inch) pressure levels your tires require.
  • Alarm Lights: Something blinked on the panel, but you have no idea what the symbol might mean? The manual will aid in identifying the icon and what it signifies.

The car manual provides all the information needed for safety, customization and, of course, repair and maintenance.

Skimming through the manual and having it ready will ensure that you are always prepared to deal with anything that may arise, avoiding unnecessary expenses and extending the life of your vehicle.

Inspect Your Tires

You have to inspect your tires at least once a year. The importance of tire maintenance cannot be overlooked.

Misaligned wheels and proper inflation are just two of the tire-related problems that can result in accidents and the loss of your car or your life.

Taking care of your tires is easy, as it requires little time and effort.

Inflate your tires to the correct PSI, rotate them and align them adequately to prevent any issues from damaging your investment.

Getting an oil change

After 3,000 or so miles, depending on your model and brand, you need to bring your car to the shop for an oil change.

While it appears as something obvious, many car owners don’t keep up with oil changes, thinking their vehicles don’t need it.

This may be true. Your car may not need it right away, but it’ll start to deteriorate in the following months, lowering its life expectancy.

Getting an oil change gives you better gas mileage as it goes in hand with the oil quality.

Oil change also reduces engine wear and tear, as it removes dirt that can build-up in your engine due to use. It contributes to the cleanness of your engine, promoting its lifespan.

Check the condition of the battery

The condition of a car battery can mean the difference between safely commuting or being stranded on the side of the road.

Battery issues are a problem every driver wants to avoid, so here are a few tips to help your battery stay free of deficiencies.

  • Clean the top of the battery and around the terminals. A clean area will help you detect and prevent any damage.
  • Tie up your cables to prevent them from moving and becoming caught by their surroundings and becoming damaged.
  • Make sure to have your battery life checked when you go in for an oil change. This will help you replace it on time before it gives out inconveniently.
  • Batteries are always in use in one way or another, especially with newer vehicles. Remember to start your car regularly to prevent the battery from dying.

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We hope these tips are useful to you and enable you to take better care of your used vehicle. Remember that caring for your car will ensure that you reap the benefits of your investment.

If you have intentions of purchasing a used car but don’t know where to start, be sure to visit House of Cars. Our experts can help you pick your dream car and not settle on the next best thing.

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