Thinking About a New Vehicle Lease? Here’s Why You Should By A Used Vehicle Instead.

August 29th, 2017 by

We all know the buzz surrounding new vehicles: the latest features, top performance, etc. What they leave out is that you have to pay top dollar for that top performance. So if you’re thinking about leasing a new vehicle, here’s why you should buy a used vehicle in Calgaryinstead.

  • Affordability: While lease payments tend to be lower than new vehicle loan payments, they still don’t match the affordability of buying a used vehicles.
  • Restrictions: When you lease a new vehicle, the dealership and/or financial institution still owns it. So they’re going to give you restrictions on how many kilometers you can drive every year, and you won’t be allowed to accessories or make any changes to the vehicle. When you buy a used vehicle instead, you own it… so do whatever you want!
  • Reselling and Trading: When you own a used vehicle, you’re free to resell it or trade it in at any time. When you decide you’re ready for a change before your lease is up, you’ll either have to wait, or pay extra to get out of your lease early.

Sounds like buying a high quality used vehicle from House of Cars is the much better option. So start browsing our extensive used vehicle inventory. And when you’re ready, use our online finance application to get the finance process rolling. In the meantime, come in for a test drive!

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