We Reveal The Seven Professional Car Cleaning Tips That Will Give You A Showroom Finish From Your Own Home!

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We Reveal The Seven Professional Car Cleaning Tips That Will Give You A Showroom Finish From Your Own Home!

There are few things, as a car owner that is more satisfying than having a sparkling clean vehicle. However, it’s not something that is always affordable and getting your car properly cleaned by professionals isn’t something that everyone can do on the regular. Cheap, local automatic car washes are also not as effective as a professional hand-cleaned service and can leave you feeling like you’ve wasted your hard-earned cash.

Do-it-yourself bays and automatic washes can often do more harm than good, as the brushes and other equipment may have picked up debris and other material that could scratch or damage your vehicle in other ways.

So, what’s the solution to your car cleaning troubles? Well, if you take our advice, it could be as simple as getting out your hose, a couple of buckets and the right cleaning equipment. When you clean your car properly by yourself, you don’t just end up with a car that is clean enough to exceed your own high expectations, but you also get the sense of pride and accomplishment from doing it on your own. You can even make it into a whole family activity and get your loved ones involved along the way.

Here are 7 professional car cleaning tips that will give you a showroom finish in your own home:

  1. Use three buckets

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are washing their own cars at home is that they use the same bucket to clean all parts of the car and rinse it too. It’s best to have a system that uses three buckets: the first one has the soapy water that you’ll use to wash your car with, and the second will have just water in it to rinse your sponge of debris and material.

The third bucket is used for the wheels and rims on your car, as they are often the dirtiest part and as such, you don’t want to mix up the water with the one that you are using on your glass and body.

  1. Avoid streaks on your windows

There’s nothing more annoying than cleaning your windows and then noticing that you’ve left streaks right across them, and not knowing whether that’s on the inside or outside of the glass either.

One way to make this a whole lot simpler is to get into the habit of drying the exterior side of your window in one direction and the inside part the other way, horizontally and vertically. By doing this, you’ll know which side of the glass is streaking and you can easily fix the problem without potentially smudging more on the wrong side of your windows as you go.

  1. It’s all about the microfiber

You should never let your car dry naturally after you’ve washed it, as this will leave watermarks on the surface and these are often harder to remove than dirt. Once you’ve washed your car, use a soft microfiber towel or chamois to dry all the water from the paintwork. Figure of 8 movements from the top of your car to the bottom is the most effective drying method.

  1. Remove swirls and scratches 

Now that your car is dry, it’s time to run a hand over it to check for any blemishes. Remember that if you use your bare hands on the car now, you are going to leave greasy fingerprints all over the show. Instead, put your hand in a clean plastic bag and run this along the body. Use a high-quality car polish to remove swirls (not wax) and for tougher blemishes, your best option is using a clay bar.

  1. Waxing properly

We know and understand the love of the power buffer, as it gives amazing professional results, but you have to properly know how to use one to ensure you get the finish that you are looking for. Use a power buffer to apply wax to your car; however, don’t make the mistake of removing it with one too, as this could lead to uneven finishes and swirls. Instead, use a soft, dry cloth to remove the wax once you are done.

  1. Clean your wheels and rims

Once you’ve done the rest of your car, it’s time to move onto the wheels and rims with your new bucket of soapy water. Remember that there are particular products that should be used for different types of rims. If you aren’t sure what to use, then ensure you use the least potent cleaner that you can, so that you don’t damage them.

  1. Carpet cleaning

The interior of your car is relatively simple to clean, except for the carpets and having them spick and span will make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your car. Remember that you should brush your carpets with a stiff nylon brush to dislodge any stubborn bits before you vacuum. Another great way to get everything out of your carpets is to wear a latex glove and rub your hands over the carpet; the static electricity will make all the little hairs and fibers stand up, and debris will be easily released once you vacuum. 

These are just some of the ways to get an outstandingly clean car done in your own front yard. Use these tips to bring the showroom to your home and save your hard-earned cash.

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